Transformers IMAX: The Last Knight

At The Mill Design LA we worked on IMAX commercial which shows a new Alexa IMAX camera in 3D rig which were first-time used for movie Transformers: The Last Knight 
Whole animation is done in C4D and rendered with Octane.

Commercial was used for TV and Instagram promo and was running in New York on Times Square LED panels.
It was a really quick and exciting project. Thank you for this opportunity.
VFX & Design: Mill+
Executive Producer: Pete King
Producers: Ben Foster, Anica Douglass
Creative Director: Andrew Proctor
Concept Artist: Kaya Thomas
Lead Animator: Jan Sladecko
3D Artist: Woosung Kang
Design: Helen Hsu
Animation: Gabriel Perez

Client: IMAX
‎Associate Manager, Creative Content: Christopher Hancock
Director, Creative Advertising: Keith Sam Jr.

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