The Mill joined forces with Directors Sing J Lee and Donald Glover, along with Cashmere Agency and Mamag Studios, for the latest spot for Google Pixel 3. Starring the multitalented Childish Gambino, a dance off is played out between himself and...himself! 

VFX Production
VFX Production: The Mill
Senior VFX Producer: Erin Hicke
Producer: Alex Serrano
Production Coordinator: Michael Novo, Mary Mondrus 
Shoot Supervisor: Gawain Liddiard
VFX Creative
VFX Creative: The Mill
Creative Director: Gawain Liddiard
2D Lead Artist: Daniel Thuresson
3D Lead Artist: Jason Kim
2D Artists: Franz Kol, Bob Homami, Kai Chun Tsai, Gavin Marler, Scott Johnson, Tim Robbins, Lisa Kim
3D Artists: Victor Duncan, Lamarcus Harvey, Michael Lori, Danny Garcia, Elizabeth Hammer
Design: Woosung Kang, Jan Sladecko
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